Helicopter Business Transfers

Getting people to where they need to be is what helicopters do best! The vertical take off and landing ability means that you can set down a helicopter pretty much anywhere – assuming it’s safe to land and you have the land owner’s permission – making them ideal for helicopter business transfers.

Stock-Air Heliworks are able to offer a unique solution for getting staff and executives where they need to be – when they need to be there. Be it:

With severe weather conditions becoming the norm, following a major incident Stock-Air Heliworks can get your staff where they are needed most, quickly and above all else safely.*



Our rates are very competitive calculated on a per hour basis charge.
Please contact us for your personal flight quote today.

Please Note: Prices are dependent on flight time, distance, weight and weather conditions.

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*Stock-Air Heliworks prides itself on our safety record and as such we never fly when conditions are too dangerous. No job is worth the life of your staff or our pilots! More information on our Safety Management Systems is available on request.

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